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3 . 2023

Lipotoxicity treatment with SGLT2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes therapy


Dysfunction of lipid metabolism, including impaired synthesis and production of adipokines, and obesity lead to the insulin resistance development and type 2 diabetes mellitus. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of sodium-glucose cotransporter‑2 inhibitors therapy in treatment of both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Keywords:adipokines; dapagliflozin; iSGLT2; adipose tissue; metabolically unhealthy obesity

Funding. The study had no sponsor support.

Conflict of interest. The author declares no conflict of interest.

For citation: Gogoleva S.P. Lipotoxicity treatment with SGLT2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes therapy. Endokrinologiya: novosti, mneniya, obuchenie [Endocrinology: News, Opinions, Training]. 2023; 12 (3): 64–5. (in Russian)

DOI: (in Russian)

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Ametov Alexander S.
Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of Subdepartment of Endocrinology, Head of the UNESCO Network Chair on the subject «Bioethics of diabetes as a global problem» of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education (Moscow)

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