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1 . 2024
Obesity is a global problem of the 21st century. Challenges of the time

Results of the IV International Congress on Obesity 2024. World Obesity Day

Original research

Lipid metabolism features in patients with type 2 diabetes on combination therapy with empagliflozin compared with metformin monotherapy

Today, there is still a high mortality rate in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, the treatment paradigm for T2DM has changed with the discovery of a new class of drugs, sodium-glucose cotransporter type 2 inhibitor, which showed a decrease in mortality

Assessment of possibilities for predicting persistent and recurrent course of Cushing’s disease

Cushing’s disease (CD) is a severe neuroendocrine disease caused by hypersecretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) by a pituitary tumor with clinical symptoms of endogenous hypercortisolism (EH). The «gold standard» of treatment CD is neurosurgery. In a

A predictive model for assessing the risk of having different subtypes of gestational diabetes mellitus

A number of studies have demonstrated that the formation of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) may be based on both defects in insulin secretion and decreased insulin sensitivity, and therefore various pathogenetic subtypes of GDM are distinguished: with predominant β

Alexithymia and anxiety-depressive disorders in patients with controlled and newly diagnosed manifest hypothyroidism

Aim: to analyze alexithymia and anxiety-depressive disorders in patients with controlled and newly diagnosed manifest hypothyroidism. Material and methods. An open-label comparative study involving 111 patients with hypothyroidism, who were divided into 2 groups: patients

Diabetes mellitus in the outcome of acute and chronic pancreatitis. The current state of the problem

Among patients with diabetes mellitus, a separate group consists of persons in whom a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism occurs secondary to the disease or surgical intervention on the pancreas. In 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) approved the name «Diabetes of

Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitors in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: what do we know today?

Diabetes remains one of the most significant medical and social problems of our time. Main manifestation of the disease is chronic hyperglycaemia, ultimately leading to microvascular (retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy) damage and to macrovascular events like myocardial

Insulin resistance in early carbohydrate metabolism disorders. Early correction

Insulin resistance (IR) is primarily an acquired condition associated with excess body fat, although there are other causes, including genetic ones. Metabolic syndrome repeatedly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, malignant neoplasms, type 2 diabetes mellitus

Evolution of the classification of thyroid tumors

In recent decades, there has been a steady increase in the incidence of thyroid carcinoma, and it is expected to rise continuously. Mortality from malignant neoplasms of the thyroid gland in terms of the number of deaths does not occupy a leading place in world statistics,

Use of metabolic phenotypes concept for cardiovascular risk assessment: literature review

Previous studies showed that people with various degrees of obesity and concomitant metabolic disorders had significant differences in cardiovascular risk. One of possible ways for risk assessment in such patients was to divide them into groups of metabolic phenotypes. Aim
Clinical cases

Flash glucose monitoring in the diagnosis of insulinoma

Insulinoma is a rare pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, manifested by hypersecretion of insulin. The frequency of occurrence does not exceed 1–3 cases per million per year. Many cases remain undiagnosed due to unexpressed clinical manifestations. In most patients,

Polyneuropathy in diabetes mellitus: theory and practice

Diabetic polyneuropathy is a common complication of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is a cause of decreasing of patient’s quality of life and a case of their disability. Polyneuropathy is an independent mortality risk factor in diabetes mellitus. Currently, methods of

Iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome in HIV-infected patient


The clinical observation presents a case of iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome in HIV-infected patient receiving antiretroviral therapy based on protease inhibitors and discusses the etiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis and principles of managing such patients.

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